Wedding planning is an exciting time! You & your loved one get to plan your special day and invite your closest family & friends.

Here are some tips to make wedding planning easier:

Take your time
If you can, extend your engagement to give yourself more time to plan the wedding so you aren’t as stressed.

Enjoy every moment
This is a special time. Take in every moment, as you’ll likely only do this once!

Not everything has to be perfect
Accept that some things may go wrong, and don’t let it ruin your day.

Trim your guest list to save money

Know what is most important and focus on those things.

Choose a venue that’s convenient 
Crane Bay, for example, is located downtown Indianapolis near hotels, which is a convenient spot for out-of-town guests.

Have fun!
Enjoy your special day with your loved one & guests!

Jessica Strickland Photography

If you’re planning your wedding & are trying to choose a venue, contact us or check out our website.

We’re located in downtown Indianapolis and have a large venue that can fit your ceremony and reception, as well as an outdoor patio facing the city!