Do you have a corporate event coming up? They can be fun to plan, but it’s important to do just that – plan!

Here are 10 tips to help improve your overall experience with your corporate event:

  1. Choose a theme. Think about the time of year and the purpose of the event, and remember this when you’re selecting decor, linens, food, etc.
  2. Pick a date. Be conscious of things like spring or summer break (when a lot of employees may be on vacation) or of major events or conventions going on that may book most of the hotel rooms in the city.
  3. Choose your venue! Try to schedule site visits to see a few in person.
  4. Set a budget and talk with the venue manager about the budget during the initial planning phases.
  5. Reserve a block of hotel rooms if the event is taking place out of town. Try to choose one close to the venue if possible.
  6. If the event is out of town, consider scheduling team-building activities for staff outside of the event.
  7. Delegate responsibilities so that too much doesn’t fall on one person.
  8. Promote the event via social media with a hashtag, and hire a professional photographer to capture quality images.
  9. Make sure you inform the venue manager of every detail so that they can be prepared for everything.
  10. Consider a “Wow Factor” that guests see as soon as they enter the venue.

At The Crane Bay Event Center, everything is portable, which creates a blank canvas for your event! We have LED lighted panels and columns that can match the color of your unique event. We also have portable bars that can be used for drinks, DJ booths and registration.

Contact us today (317-423-2999) learn more and schedule a visit to our downtown Indianapolis event venue!