Vehicles welcome at the Crane Bay! What if you could showcase your truck or car INSIDE the venue at your event?  Most venues around Indianapolis are not vehicle accessible or simply don’t allow them.  However, The Crane Bay offers corporate, convention and nonprofit event planners the option to include all kinds of vehicles!

What the truck?

Trucking conventions or even other types of companies or groups that utilize trucks within their operations really like the opportunity to showcase their vehicles! Conferences, trade shows and even client appreciation events are typically full of customers, and having the vehicles on-site is awe-inspiring and makes a huge statement.

Vehicles welcome at the Crane Bay.

Vehicles are welcome at the Crane Bay.

Vehicles are welcome at The Crane Bay.

The Crane Bay offers a variety of spaces where companies can display their trucks, race cars and other vehicles.  Think beyond working trucks!  The Crane Bay recently hosted the unveiling of a new Ferrari! We were even able to match the lighting to the sports car’s paint scheme.

Vehicles welcome at The Crane Bay.

Indy is the Motorsports Capital of the World, so, of course, we see a lot of race cars during the month of May and throughout the year.  Thanks to the vision of Accent Indy, we’ve even hung one from the ceiling!

We can even hang vehicles at The Crane Bay.

The Racing Capital of the World is often showcased at The Crane Bay.

Nonprofit events such as the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation’s Great Gutsby Gala appreciate the opportunity to carry out their themes with a unique twist.  The Great Gutsby displayed a vehicle from the 1920’s one year, which gave guests a fun photo op and also served as a great conversation piece.

This vintage car served as a conversation piece and photo op.

Vehicles welcome. How, you ask?

The venue has a 13 ft high and 14 ft wide garage door on the side of the building, so the vehicles can literally be driven right into the facility.  That unique feature, along with our high ceilings, allows us to accommodate especially large vehicles that may not fit at other venues.

There are a few rules to keep in mind when displaying a vehicle at The Crane Bay.  To make things easier and eliminate any risk of damage to the car or truck, we require that it be the first thing loaded in and the last thing loaded out. We also require that the vehicle have minimal fuel in its tank as a safety precaution.

The Crane Bay makes it easy to showcase trucks, cars, motorcycles, etc. and will work with your company or corporate event to ensure that your vehicles are displayed to their fullest advantage.  Interested in learning more? Contact us today!