Food rescue is one way The Crane Bay Event Center is giving back to the community.  We’ve developed a relationship with Second Helpings to help ensure that perfectly good food doesn’t go to waste.

It would be easier to just throw unneeded food away after working long hours for an event. However, we absolutely hate to see food wasted when so many children, adults and senior citizens in the Indianapolis area go hungry every day. Why waste what another needs?

Our staff dedicates itself to preserving all excess food items, storing them and coordinating with Second Helpings to get the food to the organization.  Why is this important? Venues like ours and restaurants who donate food to Second Helpings divert waste from landfills, promote a more sustainable society, help with hunger relief and support job training in the culinary sector.

Food Rescue and More

Second Helpings has three components:

The Crane Bay is thrilled to support Second Helpings and make food rescue an integral part of our operations. In less than a year we have donated more than 2,000 pounds of food! This is one way we can give a little back to a city we are so very proud of.  We encourage all of our fellow restaurants and event venues to do the same.  The Crane Bay and our exclusive caterer, Crystal Catering, are gratified to support this important organization and plan to donate more food for years to come!