The Crane Bay Event Center...
Where Every Event is One of a Kind!
  • Cranes; It's Why We're Called
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    Cranes; It's Why We're Called "Crane" Bay.

    The cranes were used to maneuver heavy equipment during the factory days. They are still manually operable and are used as unique ways of putting food, beverage and décor on display.

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  • Shot Chandelier and Appetizer Wall
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    Shot Chandelier and Appetizer Wall

    Hang your Desserts! Display Your Appetizers!

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  • Patio
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    Crane Bay’s private outdoor patio faces the Downtown, Indianapolis skyline and is complete with a fireplace, heating elements and cozy lounge furniture.

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  • Portable Bars
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    Portable Bars

    The bars at Crane Bay are separate and movable. They can be used for more than beverages, like DJ booths and registration.

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  • LED Lighted Scene Panel
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    LED Lighted Scene Panel

    The LED Lighted Scene Panel makes for the best back drop. Make each panel the same color to match your scheme or make them all different.

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  • LED Lighted Columns
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    LED Lighted Columns

    The lighting at Crane Bay is like no other. The 15 LED Lighted Columns can change to any color of the rainbow. Start out the color of your choice for cocktail and switch to fade or pulse mode for dancing.

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  • Moving Lights
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    Moving Lights

    Decorate the walls with moving lights (picture shown from the in-house stage).

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  • White Leather Couches
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    White Leather Couches

    Included at Crane Bay are 26 white leather couch pieces that can be placed however and where ever your heart desires. Add a colored pillows to match your scheme or for a pop of color.

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  • Draping
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    Crane Bay Features a wide open floor plan that can be kept or divided using our draping system. This naturally progressive layout allows you to surprise your guests with a “room reveal” and move from cocktail reception, to dining or dancing with ease.

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The Crane Bay Event Center is over 18,000 square feet and can be divided into four smaller sections named: “The High Bay”, “The Center Bay”, “The East Bay” and “The Patio” using our complimentary, in-house draping system.

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  • Frequently Asked Questions
    All the Questions You Have; Answered in this Q&A!

Q: What does the “Food and Beverage Minimum” Refer to?

A: The food and beverage minimum refers to the least you must spend when selecting your menu, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (not including service charge).

Q: What does the Facility Rental Include?


  1. (50) 5’ Round Guest Tables
  2. 500 Modern Padded Chairs
  3. (10) 6’ Rectangle Banquet Tables
  4. (4) 8’ Rectangle Banquet Tables
  5. 12 Stand-Up Cocktail Tables with 30 Stools
  6. Basic Linens Black/White/Ivory
  7. (14) 4’ Glass Front Shelved Bar Units
  8. 24 Sections of White Leather Couch Seating
  9. 12 Piece Patio Furniture Set
  10. 160’ of Drapes
  11. Patio Fireplace and Tiki Torches
  12. 15 LED Lighted Columns
  13. House LED Ceiling Lights
  14. 16’X24’ Stage; (15) 8X4 Decks
  15. House Sound System
  16. Wireless Microphone/Acrylic Podium


Q: What is the service charge? 

A: There is 22% service charge added to all food and beverage arrangements. This fee covers the set-up, tear down, event staff and kitchen labor.

Q: Can I bring in my own caterer?

 A: No, Crystal Catering is the exclusive caterer at The Crane Bay Event Center.

Q: Can I bring in my own cake from a baker? 

A: Yes, however the bakery or cake provider for your event must be a licensed baker.

Q:Is there an Additional Ceremony Fee?

A: We do not charge any additional ceremony fee at our venue.

Q:Where is Parking Located?

A: We have 1200+ convenient parking spots on site!

Q:When Will I Be Able to Access the Space on the Day of My Event?

A: We only host  one event per day, please speak with a member of our staff to arrange access time.