One of the many steps of wedding planning is making your registry. With all of the different items to choose from and so many possibilities, making a decision can feel overwhelming at times.

If you find yourself struggling on where to start when registering, take a look at these suggestions that you can build off of for more ideas.

Registry Idea 1. Personalized Sign

One of the best things about getting married is assuming your new identity as husband and wife. Embrace that change by registering for a family name sign that you can proudly display in your new home.

Even if you choose not to change your name or to hyphenate it, you’re still becoming Mr. & Mrs. This gift is a meaningful way to celebrate and remember that special life moment.

Registry Idea 2. Custom Gift Box Your Guest Can Build

The people attending your wedding should consist of those you are closest to and who know you extremely well, both as individuals and as a couple. Let those people surprise you by building a custom gift box full of items they believe you’ll love.

Not only does this let those you’re close with show off how well they know you, but it also lets you be surprised by some of your wedding gifts. No one likes to know every single item they’re getting (that goes against the very nature of gifting!), so this mix of surprise and planning works out well.

Registry Idea 3. Newlywed Fund

When creating your registry, you might look around and realize you don’t really need many physical items. This is especially true if you already live with your significant other and have acquired most of your household items. In this case, don’t be afraid to add a newlywed cash fund to your registry.

This will allow your wedding guests to simply gift you with money that you can use toward a larger upcoming purchase or event, like a new home or honeymoon.

Registry Idea 4. Food Delivery Service

Now that you’re going to be married, little things like movie nights or cooking together become even more important. Adjusting to life as husband and wife can take a little time and even be a bit hectic. Registering for a food delivery service helps take some of the hecticness out of the transition period.

If you are still a little new to the kitchen, this is a must have! Meal kits will help make you more comfortable with your cooking skills as you follow recipes. Plus, this is something you and your new spouse can do, and learn, together.

Registry Idea 5. A New Mattress

If we’re being honest, your current mattress has probably seen better days. Also, what was right for your sleep needs might not be what’s comfortable to your spouse. Your wedding offers the perfect opportunity to find the perfect mattress for you as a couple.

To make things even easier on both you and your guest purchasing this notably large and bulky item, look for options that can be shipped directly to your home and that come in a box. Convenience is key.

Registry Idea 6. Charitable Donation

Sometimes we look around and cannot think we could possibly need, or store, any more items in our home. If this is the case when you’re starting your registry, join the trend of adding the ability to donate to a charity to your registry.

Sit down with your fiancé and find a cause that is important to both of you. Not only will your wedding be a happy day you remember, but there will be an added sense of happiness at knowing the event was able to help others too.

Be sure to contact The Crane Bay for any questions you may have about your wedding and any gifts you receive the day of, including setting up a gift table and the potential for storing items.